Mullasadra Dam and Hydro power plant HPP
Mullasadra Dam and Hydro power plant HPP

This project is constructed by Mellisakhteman in cooperation with a Chinese Company In EPCF Format In Soormagh Village,Tange Boragh,On Kor River In Fars Province Of Iran.Type of PlanCivil -EPC

Project Goals:

100 MW power generation

Agricultural water supply
Flood control
Increasing the performance of reservoirs dam of Doroodzan
Providing job opportunities

Project Characteristics:

DamType:Rockfill dam with impermeable core
Height:72 m
Crest Length:670 m
Crest Width:10m
Volume of Reservoir:440million m3
Width ofOgee Spillway:SS m
Length of Ogee Spillway:550 m
SpillwayVolume of Discharge:3.400 ml/sec
TurbineType:Francis WrthVerticalShaft
Length oftheWaterTunnelto Power Plant35 km
Common & Rock Excavation:2.377.928 ml
Earth Filling:2.808.646 ml
Main Concrete:159.325 m3
Form Work:69.911m2
Bar Bending:34.485583 kg