Jahan Ara Steel Plant Arvand
Jahan Ara Steel Plant Arvand

The project is consisting of Building Construction, civil works including
Security Road implementation, Fencing and Lightening of Jahan Ara
Steel Factory. Arvand Jahan Ara Steel Complex Project with the Capital
of more than10000 Billion Rials will be constructed in an area of 380
Hec in Khoramshahr industrial city. The complex due to specific situation
of Arvand Free Zone interms of geographically and terrestrials
Connection inside of country and water Connection with regard. to the
ports of Abadan and Khoramshahr will be constructed I this area.

Type of plan -Pc

Client/ Jahan Ara steel Arvand

:Project Characteristics
Start Date : March 2014
Duration: 6 Months