Bid Boland II Gas Treating Plant
Bid Boland II Gas Treating Plant

Construction and paving of building and site of non – industrial part of bid boland gas refinery and procurement and installation for 24 buildings and site. consrucation location: dashte Amir Hazer:15 kilometers from North west BEHBAHAN-Iocation in KHOZESTAN

province.Type of Plan -PC

Project Goals:
• Construction of buldings, mecanical
facilities electrical and telecommunication
facilities of non-industrial
buldings for Bid Boland II Gas refinery

Project Characteristics:
• Start Date :26/2/2008
• Duration:40 Months
• 12 unit concrete building :16.000 m2
• 11 unit steel structure :23.500 m2
• 4 unit administration building :7.400 m2
• 2 sets of canteen & kitchen building:3.700
• 1 unit of security building:350 m2

Client/ Bid Boland II Gas Treating Plant.