It is our duty as a member(s) of Melli-Sakhteman Co. to be committed to the principals and the requirements set forth, to abide by them and disseminate them as an essential part of our culture.

1-Targeted efforts to maximize the value of the company by increasing market share, use of new technologies and knowledge-based companies.

2-Earn trust and confidence from company’s employees, customers, shareholders and society as a whole through honest and trustworthy behavior, goals and values.

3-Maintain loyalty towards shareholder goals and values, recognition and pursuit of these goals and aligning them with individual and organizational goals.

4-Reduce business and commercial risks and uncertainties that may ultimately threaten the company and shareholder goals, values and interest in the company.

5-Use of various resources of the company (human, technology and…) to maximize value added for shareholders and owners).

6-Supply high-quality products and excellent customer service to customers.

7-Supply and sustain product quality and assure customers on the value of any product or service offered.

8-Establish simple and clear communication and customer relations in every aspect in such a way that there would be no room for any misunderstanding or uncertainties.

9-Have great focus on customer demands in order to satisfy their needs and expectations.

10-Create a competitive advantage in dealing with company’s competitors.

11-Create a healthy atmosphere in dealing with competitors, avoid destruction of relationships with outside competitors and maintain a fair competitive environment.

12-Fair, real and honest advertising about company’s competitive advantages and merit of products and services.

13-Prevent any illegal or immoral approaches to achieving competitive advantage.

14-Maintain the highest quality standards regarding safety and quality of company’s work environment.

15-Maintain the highest standards regarding professional and individual behavior in the organization.

16-Take advantage of and put in the effort to promote the current knowledge and skill-set available in the organization.

17-Honor and appreciate the dignity and the efforts of company’s human resources and promote team work.

18-Promote respect of human rights and mutual understanding.

19-Create equal opportunities (new hires, promotions, raises and trainings) in the organization

20-Refrain from misusing company properties, materials, human resources and any other resources in the overall work place that could result in potential signs of corruption.

21-Safeguard the private and confidential nature company information.

22-Create a suitable work environment and platform that increases the opportunity for teamwork and exchange of knowledge, skills and expertise of all individuals in the organization.

23-Establish a strict and fair screening process for selection of suppliers and service providers.

24-Have fair and transparent deals with all suppliers and service providers and main mutual respect.

25-Protect each other’s interests.

26-Propagate and promote sustainable development in all areas as part of the body of a public institution.

27-Abide by laws of the country and fully co-operate with legal authorities and government entities.

28-Compliance with local cultural beliefs in different areas of the country depending on geographical locations of different company projects.

29-Protect country’s natural resources and help prevent environmental issues and threats at a national level.